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Happy Thanksgiving!

Forget the oven, cook a turkey with a solar oven. Yes it’s quite possible to use the sun’s energy to cook meals. Many people in rural areas and developing nations are dependent on solar cookers. Here in the USA, the only time you see a solar cooker is when you go to a solar energy gathering, many solar energy hobbyist cook delicious treats using solar cookers. I think the vast public here in the USA has no idea about this effective, low cost way to use the power of the sun. Many people make solar cookers at home with cardboard boxes and aluminum foil, it’s that simple, there are great tutorials online that show you step by step how you can make a solar cooker with simple items that you have laying around at home. If you had a fleet of solar ovens and did some pre-planning, it would be possible to cook your entire Thanksgiving feast with solar energy. The amazing part is that a well built solar oven would be able to cook a big turkey…typically Turkeys take all day to cook in the oven…Imagine how many kWh (kilowatt-hours) wasting. With a solar oven, the sun is providing the energy to cook your meals for free. When is the last time you got something for free? There is a society of people, called Solar Cookers International who have been using solar cookers for a long time and share their tasty recipes , you can also pick up a solar professional solar cooker if your a serious chef. If you’re like me, when attempting to cook you end up burning your food, don’t got to worry about burnt food with a solar cooker, because its impossible to burn your food since there are no “hot spots” the temperature in a solar cooker raises evenly. I find it interesting how many people out there are making the sun work for them by heating hot water, generating clean electricity and even cooking all from the power of the sun! Happy...

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