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OCS Energy automates solar panel cleaning

We recently talked about why its important for anyone who owns a solar photovoltaic system to keep the panels clean, we even recommended a product called PowerBoost Solar Panel Cleaner, which is great for solar panels on a home or small business. But how about the large commercial or industrial fields in which hundreds or thousands of solar panels are installed. Until today, large scale solar array owners were helpless, OCS Energy has created an interesting product called the SolarWash, which is the first commercial automated photovoltaic (PV) cleaning system. The first of its kind product increases energy output and shortens the return on investment of investments in large solar power systems according to the company. The SolarWash unit attaches directly to the solar panel and is controlled by a microprocessor giving the solar power system operator the ability to automatically clean the entire solar array with a push of a button! The complete solar panel cleaning system includes maintenance free water nozzles, web based software interface, and a programmable logic controller. This type of automation not only helps solar become a more attractive for large scale system deployments, but shows how much room for innovation there is in the industry. As more companies start developing add-on products to improve the efficiency will help push solar power mainstream. Now I wonder how long it will take until a company develops a similar system for residential and small commercial solar power installations. Isn’t this such a simple, innovative yet effective product? please...

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