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ASES Solar 2008 Expo

We’re at the ASES Solar 2008 Expo in sunny San Diego, California this weekend. This show was interesting because there was a wide range of products on showcase we very well developed companies to startups. Some interesting technologies we saw included solar panels which produced electricity and heated water from the same panel, quicker and easier ways to mount solar panels, standardized systems which make it easier for general contractors and other do it yourselfers install solar power with one days work. The expo also featured concentrated photovoltaic solar panels, it seems like this technology is showing up much more at renewable energy tradeshows and as the product continues to develop it will soon hit the consumer market. The expo hall had a lot of emphasis on solar water heating; there has been a lot of progress in the technology, from newer and better evacuated tube and very interesting looking flat plate collectors. It’s great being at the trade shows because we can really find out what is upcoming in the market and deliver that information to you, so you can make educated decisions about your clean energy...

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New Fontana Home Community Offers Solar Power

According to the Fontana Herald News, A new home development in Fontana, California is offering 2.3-kW integrated solar roof tile systems in CenterStone Estates. This deployment of Solar Power integrated into the roofing shingles is a first for San Bernardino County and makes a significant milestone for solar being offered in new home communities. Unlike other communities that offer an option for solar power PD Solar Roofing and CenterStone Communities have made it a standard in their communities. The systems are fully warrantied by CenterStone homes. The solar roofing building integrated shingles can provide up to 30% a family of fours electricity needs based on the average consumption rate for a family of four. Its a bold step and a great indicator for the demand for solar power when home developers include solar power as a standard...

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Nanosolar to serve residential solar market in soon?

Many residential consumers were disappointed this month when they found out Nanosolar is not offering panels to residential homeowners or even businesses. Nanosolar is exclusively dealing with large utilities according to the Nanosolar offical blog. It was not until a flood of emails sent to the CEO of Nanosolar by angry consumers that the CEO address the commented and stated serving the residential market is in their “near term” roadmap. There was no expected date in which Nanosolar would offer $1/watt thin film solar panels to the residential market. I feel as the company’s manufacturing capacity goes up and the have an abundance of product they will start to offer the residential market with cheap solar panels. The first Nanosolar customer was a German utility company that used the thin film solar panels for a large solar array deployment, municipal power plant. So my expectations is Nanosolar will offer cheaper solar panels in a couple years, because it seems like up until now their supply is dedicated to large customers who want to put up municipal power...

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Los Angeles Community College Goes Solar!

The East Los Angeles College (ELAC) inaugurated a 1.2 Megawatt solar electric system at its Monterey Park campus. The school officials switched the system live on earth day to mark a significant milestone for the school. The goal of the LACCD colleges is to become more energy independent and what better city than Los Angeles to have such a great goal. The installation was completed with 6,000 Kyocera KC200 solar panels . Los Angeles is the city with the most average sunshine per day in the entire USA which makes this 1.2 Megawatt plant so special, it will be a great example and benchmark colleges...

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The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund Makes Solar Power Possible

Today, the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CCEF) made major commitments grossing ,250,000 to four solar photovoltaic projects. The money was distributed in forms of grants for the following organizations: Precision Plastic Products in Portland, Connecticut – will receive $359,765 to install an 83 kilowatt solar power system at their manufacturing facility. Lifecare Retirement Community in Essex, Connecticut will receive $459,719 for installing a 108 kilowatt solar power system at the retirement community. Chase Collegiate School in Waterbury, Connecticut is documented to receive $275,795 for installing a 64 kilowatt solar power installation. Kaestle Boos Associates an architecture firm in New Britain, Connecticut is set to receive $157,212 for installing a 35 kilowatt system. Lise Dondy, president of CCEF stated, “By supporting these four solar installations, we are helping to bring on line nearly 300 kilowatts of clean energy generating capacity, enough energy to power 36 homes each year.” Without the financial support of the CCEF these solar power project would not be possible. The grant recipients have been greatly affected by raising energy costs and without the support of CCEF these organizations would have to make serious budget cuts, layoffs and even relocation. By establishing programs to help with the upfront cost of going solar, it really stimulates the economy, it keeps business and programs within Connecticut to continue operations and create jobs and increase the local Goss Domestic Product. Investing in solar power stimulates the economy MUCH more than handing out “economic stimulus” checks by the federal government which is going to be used on buying gas (since oil prices have been skyrocketing)….where does the gas come from? Saudi Arabia and other foreign entities….contact your so called “representatives” in congress and tell them to stop bickering with each other, and start funding the obvious technologies that are going to not only help us become energy independent but are going to really stimulate the economy by creating jobs and reducing the bottom lines for organizations...

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America’s Solar Cities 2008

Today, U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Secretary Samuel W. Bodman made a public announcement that the DOE will be funding 2.4 million dollars to 12 cities across the country. These Solar America cities have been chosen for their commitment to the deployment of solar technologies. Cities selected as Solar America Cities will receive 0,000 (doesn’t sound like much, but its better than nothing) to implement a variety of solar technologies throughout the cities. The funded cities include: Denver, CO Houston, TX Knoxville, TN Milwaukee, WI Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN Orlando, FL Philadelphia, PA Sacramento, CA San Antonio, TX San Jose, CA Santa Rosa, CA Seattle, WA In addition to the funding the DOE will provide technical assistance to the cities for them to implement solar technologies. The cities will be free to implement various renewable energy technologies from solar water heating, photovoltaics to concentrating solar...

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