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how your utility benefits from your solar panels

You’re not the only one who benefits from installing solar panels on your roof to generate your own clean electricity. Even though every time someone connects their solar electric system to the grid your utility company loses out on revenue, but that’s ok because your helping your utility also. How? Grid tie solar electric system reduce your utilities peak load demand, this is a time in which there is high demand for electricity. Peak generation is expensive for your utility company, therefore when people install solar panels to offset their usage, this helps your electric company by reducing their most expensive generation costs. Did you know you’re helping your utility by installing solar...

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toyota’s solar power car, fact or fiction?

There’s been a lot of buzz on the Internet about a full electric car being developed Toyota that can be recharged by the sun through built in solar panels and a solar electric system on your home. I think many people mistranslated the news about Toyota’s solar power plans released by Nikkei Japanese Newspaper and assumed that the entire car could be recharged through its built in solar panels. The story has created a lot of controversy if Toyota could develop a car charged completely by solar panels. What I think is with current solar technology the built in solar panels into Toyota’s solar powered car could only aid in recharging the battery and the car would have the capability to plug into an AC outlet to fully charge the battery. Today, solar cells are not efficient enough to be very effective on limited surface area of a car. In the near future as solar panels become more efficient and you can generate more watts per square foot, a car will have enough surface space to generate a lot of power, but its going to take at least 5 years to get to that point. What do you think? By the way, the idea of people charging their electric cars from their solar electric system on their home is being done by pioneers who have been advocating electric vehicles and solar power for decades. I’ve met people here in southern California who have been living with solar panels and electric cars on the National Solar Homes...

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2009 marks increased discount for solar energy

image credit “SMA Solar Technology AG” Well, its 2009 and everyone is worried about the economy as we conclude last year. Although today, marks a highly anticipated day for customers considering to lower their energy bills in 2009. Late last year the congress extended and increased the federal tax credit for people who install solar panels to generate electricity or provide heat. Starting January 1st, 2009 homeowners in the USA can tax a full 30% tax credit off the final installed cost of a solar energy system. For people with a taxable income, the return on investment for solar energy systems subsidized through a 30% tax credit is going to make solar a very attractive investment. What do you think? Will the increased residential tax credit for the next 8 years encourage more people to use solar energy technologies on their...

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Most popular blog posts of 2008

This year flew by! Looking back, our company helped even more people around the world reach their renewable energy and efficiency goals this year. This makes us feel really good because our traction is a great indicator that we’re delivering our mission of “helping you get started with renewable energy”. As the rest of the economy is scaling their operations down, we are anticipating an even more successful 2009, we feel even more people are going to look for ways to reduce their bills in the economic times we are facing, don’t you agree? To finish off 2008, I wanted to share the five most popular 2008 blog posts that caught the interest of our readers. Calculating the Economics of a solar power system cargo ship powered by solar panels Trends to Watch in 2009 Solar Panels breakthrough or exaggerated claim? Simple Grid Tie Solar Power System Drawing What do you think is in store for renewable energy & efficiency moving forward into bad economic times in 2009? Are you still hopeful renewable energy will pull through moving...

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Fronius wins award Frost & Sullivan Award for Product Quality

According to a press release put out by Fronius on Renewable Energy World the company recently won the prestigious Frost & Sullivan “Best Practices Award 2008” for their newest solar photovoltaic grid tie inverter product line called the IG Plus as well as the service they provide behind their solar grid tie inverters. Fronius is a very popular brand of solar grid tie inverters and are used on many grid tie solar electric systems around the world. Frost & Sullivan based their product quality leadership award on superior quality control Fronis had over its competitors in product manufacturing. Fronius inverters stood out because of the following: application of top notch technology user friendly and smart solar grid tie inverter product line lowest percentage of inverter field failures. first class customer support demonstration of strong product We enjoy offering customers the highest quality products to minimize failure rates in the field, that is why we offer Fronius products. This award is a great conformation to the reputation behind the Fronius brand in the solar power market. Congrats Fronius to a job well done! What do you think, based on your experience and product research does Fronius deserve this award for best...

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Happy Holidays!

One of the real joys of the Holiday Season is the opportunity to say Thank You for supporting Every good Wish for your Happiness this Holiday Season from our entire team. Enjoy the...

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