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save money with a solar attic fan

Today, I want to talk about a product that gets very little attention but can save you a lot of money on your summer cooling costs each year. We can all agree that the air conditioner the biggest energy hog on your electric service, when you flip your air conditioner on your electric meter starts spinning forward really quickly and your bill starts to rack up. What if you cut the number of hours your air conditioner runs everyday, how much money would that save you? That’s exactly what a solar attic fan does, it forces the hot air out of your attic, therefore cooling your living space below which requires the air conditioner to kick on less everyday the solar attic fan is running. Many people can’t afford the upfront investment of purchasing a grid tie solar electric system that can offset a majority of your electric bill so I tell many consumers to start with a solar attic fan. It’s more cost effective to first figure out whats to become more energy efficient and then produce clean energy. what do you...

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red robin selects led light bulbs

Red Robin, a popular restaurant in the U.S. has recently upgraded their lighting from incandescent and halogen bulbs to high efficiency LEDs (light emitting diodes) in 150 restaurants. Red Robin transitioned to 7 watt PAR 20 flood and spot lights which are being used at the entrance and lobby areas, lighting over dining room tables, and perimeter lighting. The company expects to save several thousand dollars per year in electric and maintenance costs by upgrading to LEDs Today, more than half of the company owned Red Robins have transitioned to LED light bulbs. Do you think LED bulbs are ready for prime...

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the scoop on energy efficiency mortgages

A new wave of energy efficiency mortgages are being introduced today by the FHA which allow you to borrow 5% more to upgrade a home you buy with energy efficiency products such as solar panels, LED bulbs, weatherization and other energy efficiency appliances. According to the FHA, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are under pressure from the federal government to develop new mortgages which include more flexible underwriting guidelines to reward energy conscious borrowers and builders. Energy friendly loans would increase incomes of applicants by dollar for every dollar of projected energy savings from green energy upgrades and efficient design. For the program to work correctly, State governments need to provide professional training to licensed appraisers so they can value highly efficient buildings correctly. What do you think about the federal support for energy efficiency...

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first liquid cooled LED light bulb

The two major problems with LED lights are they are very directional light source and the LED chips can get hot when operating for a long time which can potentially shorten lifetime if the LED bulb is not cooled properly. Eternaleds introduced the first liquid cooled LED bulb called the HydraLux-4 which uses a fluid inside the LED bulb to not only cool the bulb but disperse the light 360 degrees around the bulb. The 4 watt bulb is equivalent 24 watt incandescent bulb and is offered in two colors, Warm White and Daylight White. By the end of this year the company is expected to release a 8 watt, 12 watt and 16 watt versions for people who want more light output. The HydraLux-4 only cosst $1.75 per year to operate and over the lifetime of the bulb can save up to $157 in electric and replacement costs compared to an incandescent. what do you think about the Eternaled...

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ascent solar makes efficiency progress

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) recently verified that Ascent Solar‘s flexible Copper, Indium, Gallium, Selenide (CIGS) solar panels have an efficiency as high as 10.4% This is great news for flexible solar panels since they continue to get better in terms of how much sunlight they can turn into power. The flexible solar panel that was tested by NREL came right off a Ascent Solar’s production line which puts confidence in Ascent Solar’s ability to manufacturer 10% efficient flexible solar panels on a commercial level. The solar cells are produced on durable, light weight plastic, the plastic substrate materials result in higher power levels, compactness and flexibility that enable the solar cells to be configured into a wide variety of rolls, foldable packs, or traditional solar panel...

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prices for LED bulbs dropping like a rock

Your electric bills are raising on the other hand the prices of LED bulbs such as the EarthLED ZetaLux and EvoLux are falling. EarthLED has made bold price reductions to make LED light bulbs make more financial sense for you. The price of the ZetaLux has dropped down $10 dollars, now costs $39.99 and the EvoLux has dropped down $30 dollars to only $49.99 LED light bulbs have an extremely long lifetime, most will last over 10 years since they are solid state technology. A typical LED bulb would break even in two years when you factor in the incandescent bulb replacement cost and energy savings, if your cost for electricity is 10 cents per kWh (kilowatt-hour) I think EarthLED is making some game changing moves to accelerate the adoption of high efficiency light bulbs, this is great news for customers because now you will even break even faster as the price of LED bulbs continue to...

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