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Home Energy Expenese are Increasing Fast!

According to the July 2008 issue of Money Magazine, Home Energy takes up 4% of the average American’s household budget. Not only have the price of gas went up, the price of Home Energy has gone up 9% compared to a year ago. As the global demand for energy increases do to developing countries hungry for energy the prices will continue to skyrocket, eating up more of the household budget each year. There are many ways to get take control of your home energy expenses. The significant expenses on our energy costs rack up simply because we are inefficient. Energy has been cheap and abundant, therefore most people have not thought about efficency till now. Conducting a self energy audit is a great way to start learning about your usage, has a great web application to help you conduct a do-it-yourself energy audit. Becoming more efficient in the way we use energy is the first step in becomming energy independent. You can do the following to help reduce your usage: 1. Replace old light bulbs with LED Bulbs 2. Find and kill vampire loads – appliances that use electricity when when you are not using them. 3. seal up your house, use quality insulation to effectively cool and heat your home. After you reduce your energy usage then think about producing your own electricity through grid tied solar panels or wind turbines. Combining energy efficency and production will help you maximize on your clean energy system and reducing your upfront cost to eliminate the majority of your electric bill through solar or wind...

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Energy efficiency is a key problem to our energy problems.

Last month I was a the KCOMM Clean Energy event and a presenter showed us a chart that really resonated with me. In particular it how much energy that is generated is turned into useful energy. The results are amazing, since the graphic shows that 56.2% of the energy we generate is lost, we only consume 35.2% of the energy we produce. Why are we so wasteful when it comes to energy in the USA? Resources were plentiful in the USA once upon a time, now developing countries begin to turn into developed countries there is a power play for energy resources, we have a huge problem. By analyzing our poor efficiency here in the US. Everyone needs to learn how to become for energy efficient in their own daily lives. Even if you can’t shell out the money for a solar power system today, you can start by making energy efficient changes to your lifestyle. We here at promote, “reduce and then produce” strategy to help you maximize on your solar panels or wind power...

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Home Energy Saver

Home Energy Saver, A U.S. government resource to help home owners learn about energy efficiency. The website specifically compares the energy usage of an average home (base on your zip code) to an efficient home in your area. Typed in my zip code of 91791, and the results where shocking, the average home in my zip code pays $1,314 a year on energy, an energy efficient home in my area pays only $899 a year, which is a savings of $415 this year. Energy is has an inflation rate of 6% a year, so those potential savings will increase each and every year! Try it out for yourself, you might find the results very interesting: So how can you make your home more energy efficient? There are a ton of ways to become more energy efficient for a no or little upfront cost, below are a couple low cost methods: Keep an eye on your vampire loads (unplug appliances you are not using that are plunged in) Buy some LED light bulbs, these will not only last over 10 years longer than incandescents or CFLS , they are environmentally friendly since there is no mercury like CFLs and are the blubs that suck the least amount of electricity each year. For more information on products that can help your home become more energy efficient....

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reduce and then produce clean energy

I talk to many consumers looking to go solar everyday and most consumers shopping for solar energy are concerned about the large upfront costs associated with producing clean green energy. Although what most consumers don’t think about is the underlying cause of why a solar power system costs so much. What consumers don’t realize is they have the ability to lower the final price by thousands of dollars on a sales quote for a solar power system just by reducing their energy consumption. How do you reduce your energy consumption? A good start (and cheapest) is to change all your light bulbs to CFLs or LEDs, insulation can help reduce your energy by keeping the house cool during summer and warm in the winter, thus significantly reducing your yearly energy usage. Get rid of old appliances which hog and waste energy. Unplug unused items (they draw energy even if they are plugged in, but not in use), set your computers to automatically hibernate (power saving mode) when they are idle for more than 5 minutes. Purchase energy star appliances and most importantly turn off the lights when you leave a room. Changing the way you consume energy can have a significant impact on the overall price of a solar energy system, practicing reducing energy consumption can shave off thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars off the final cost of a system. The great clean energy system installers will always recommend reducing consumption. If you can’t figure out how to reduce your energy usage, some system installers will even perform an energy audit for...

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