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Solar Panel Warranties

Why do solar panels manufacturing companies offer a warranty period of at least 25 years? The average solar panel has a life expectancy up to 30-40 years. Since there are no moving parts with a solar energy system, nothing wears down. Therefore as long as the panels are cleaned at least every 6 months, the performance of your system should exceed your expectations. Cleaning a ground mount system is much easier since the panels are easily accessible. A garden hose with a bucket of water and soap is all that is needed when cleaning a solar panel system. Cleaning panels becomes a more difficult chore with a roof mount system because working on top of a roof becomes dangerous and typically a consumer must hire a service provider or window washing company to get up there and clean the panels. When making a decision for going solar, maintenance is an important factor in selecting between a ground or roof mount...

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Solar Panels & Golf Ball Sized Hail

A consumer called me thinking about going solar, but he had a major concern, Hail. How do solar panels hold up to Hail? Well it depends. Depending on the brand of Solar Photovoltaic Modules (aka Solar Panels that produce electricity) some panels are hail-resistant solar panels. In general if hail is a problem in your geographic area ask the installer if the panels have a certificate that they passed hail tests. I found out through a close source, that SunPower (a manufacturer of solar panels) shoots golf balls at their panels to stimulate a hail storm. If the solar panels is not hail rated and is damaged during a hail storm, depending on your insurance coverage, there is a possibility the panels may be covered. (You have to check with your insurance company and read your policy to make sure the panels are covered) There have been cases where homeowners insurance has covered damaged solar panels which were not hail resistant. Most solar panels are coated with tempered glass protecting the silicon and will take quite a beating; it’s always great to bring up this question to the installer when making a purchasing...

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