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LA Solar Incentive Program and Feed-in Tariff Program

For those of you who may not know, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power has developed a Solar Incentive Program (SIP) to support solar energy in Los Angeles. This Solar Incentive Program can help you with the cost of installing a new solar system.  The Solar Feed-in Tariff Program, which allows owners of large-scale on-grid solar systems to sell back unused energy, is currently in the works. This Solar Incentive Program was created to help meet the aim of Senate Bill 1, which is essentially an extension of the California Solar Initiative (CSI) and the Energy Commission’s New Solar Homes Partnership (NSHP).  Basically, the goal of this program is to promote solar for LADWP customers to help California reach its energy goals.  By providing a financial incentive to homeowners who install on-grid photovoltaic systems, LADWP hopes to encourage homeowners to invest in solar energy.   LADWP customers who have photovoltaic systems installed can receive a lump sum payment upfront based on the anticipated performance of their new system. To calculate an estimate of the Expected Performance Based Buydown (EPBB), LADWP’s website has an online calculator. This provides an idea of the energy production, annual kWh, CEC-AC rating, Design Factor, CSI rating, and incentive amount.  With this information, LADWP is able to figure out how much money to pay the customer upfront. There are benefits that go beyond this one-time payment.  According to the LADWP website: “Customers who qualify and complete an installation are provided with a ‘net meter’.  When a customer’s solar system produces more energy than they use, the excess energy is calculated as a credit on their bill, and their meter will run backwards.” This means that when an LADWP customer’s solar system is producing excess energy, it goes back into the grid.  The meter runs backwards and LADWP is then able to credit their customers with energy towards their electricity bill.  Conversely, LADWP is presently developing another system to promote the use of solar technology through the Solar Feed-in Tariff Program, also known as the CLEAN LA Program.  Though Solar Incentive Program customers are not qualified for the CLEAN LA Program, this particular program is designed primarily for larger-scale commercial use.  Through this Feed-in Tariff system, customers who produce 30kW and higher, can enter a contract to sell 100% of the energy produced at their facility to LADWP at a fixed rate for up to twenty years. Here’s a brief run-down of how the preliminary stages function: application process: To qualify for this program, applicants must go through a six-week application process.  Applicants provide the base price for the energy, proof of site control, and complete facility and one-line diagrams.  They...

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Free Energy Classes by Southern California Edison

Did you know that every time you pay your electricity bill in California, Edison uses some of that money to provide the public with educational workshops?  These classes are a unique opportunity for everyone to learn how to save money, energy, and the planet. We recently attended a class about plug-in electric vehicle chargers at Southern California Edison in Irwindale, California.  When we first arrived, we sipped on coffee and walked around the interactive lighting display, which has an assortment of lamps for commercial and residential use. Prior to the class itself, we went on the “Smart Energy Experience” tour, which is essentially a tour through a model home designed to demonstrate how Edison plans to help consumers actively monitor their energy consumption in real-time. Our tour guide also explained how energy saving incentive programs can work for Edison customers. The futuristic “smart” electric meters and appliances will make it easier than ever to monitor and successfully reduce energy usage.  Our tour guide talked about the appliances and fixtures that the model home featured. Our tour guide went over all the changes the average household can make to create a more eco-friendly, cost-effective lifestyle. This model home had recycled glass countertops, bamboo floors, and a washer-dryer combo that communicates electronically to pre-set dry cycles. Our tour guide also explained how energy saving incentive programs work. Implementing natural light in the home is a powerful way to save energy. Check out this solar light pipe that utilizes natural light in the home!Edison offers a wide range of introductory and specialized classes that range from from LED lighting, to heating and refrigeration.  Be sure to sign up for a few of these free workshops and learn how you can save energy. Don’t forget to take the “Smart Energy Experience” tour before your class!...

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Reading by Sunlight in the Dark?

Catch up on some reading with the new Solar-Powered Lighted Cover for Kindle 4 or Kindle Touch. SolarFocus has recently developed this all-in-one unit to transform your Kindle into a lean, mean, energy-efficient reading machine.  The SolarKindleLighted Cover works as a classy protective cover, charger, and reading light in one device. The SolarKindleLighted Cover is sleek, stylish, and sturdy.  Your Kindle fits snugly into this case, as if it were part of the case itself.  Once you slip your Kindle into the SolarKindleLighted Cover, an LED light will blink red to let you know your Kindle is charging. Built into the SolarKindleLighted Cover is a high performance triple junction amorphous silicon solar panel, which is lightweight, flexible, and less than a millimeter in thickness.  This solar panel is also very efficient- one hour of charging with the SolarKindleLighted Cover in direct sunlight is almost three days worth of reading time on your Kindle. The SolarKindleLighted Cover is equipped with a 1500mA lithium reserve battery so you can charge your Kindle any time or place.  An hour spent charging your Kindle from this reserve battery provides you with ten days of use!Whether you charge the reserve battery through a USB port on your computer or leave it by your window to absorb sunlight, the SolarKindleLighted Cover’s LED indicator blinks green to let you know that the reserve battery is charging. You can also check how much battery this lithium battery is currently holding by pressing the power button: – If your battery level is below 40 percent, the LED indicator displays a red light.- When the LED indicator shows up orange, you know that the battery is at 40-80 percent. – A solid green light on the LED indicator lets you know that the battery is fully charged. The reserve battery that is used to charge your Kindle also powers the retractable LED lamp.  This is important because the LED lamp does not use power from the Kindle itself.  This LED lamp produces 800 lux at the center and illuminates the entire screen, making it possible for you to read clearly in the dark. now offers this remarkable solar-powered case for both the Kindle 4 and the Kindle Touch.The SolarKindle Lighted Cover could make for an awesome Mother’s Day gift!  ...

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Bill Clinton Promotes Solar Energy at Solar Power International 2012

Bringing in more than 21,000 professionals from countries all over the planet, Solar Power International is the known to be the solar conference to attend in the solar industry today.  This event, which will be held on September 12 in Orlando, Florida, offers a series of workshops, exhibits, and networking opportunities for renewable energy enthusiasts and experts everywhere.  Solar Power International will feature over 1,200 companies on an expansive trade show floor, making for an exciting networking event.  Manufacturers, distributers, contractors, engineers, investors, and policy-makers are just some of the professionals who will be in Orlando come September.  This eclectic group of solar aficionados will be amassed at the Orange County Convention Center for this massive business-to-business event. Put on by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) and the Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA), all the proceeds of Solar Power International go towards advancement of U.S. solar markets through education and market-building initiatives. And there is no doubt that U.S. solar markets are already growing rapidly.  According to Scott Sklar, the United States has witnessed the start of more than 100 new renewable energy and energy efficiency manufacturing plants in the last 36 months alone.  With technological advancements and declining costs every year, solar energy markets are expected to continue to grow.  This year’s Solar Power International will kick off with a keynote address from a man whose vision taps into this bright future of solar energy. Bill Clinton, the 42nd president of the United States, will be giving the keynote speech at this solar convention.  Clinton is the most recognized speaker Solar Power International has had and will surely garner much publicity for the event.  Not only is Clinton well known, but he also has the ability to articulate his understanding of our planet’s current state and what the direction we need to move in to solve our energy problems at home and abroad. In the last decade, Clinton has devoted his valuable time and resources to promoting the use of clean energy such as solar.  Solar energy has also been an integral part of Clinton’s efforts to help Haitians recover in the aftermath of the earthquake that devastated Haiti in 2010.  President Clinton has long been forthright in his criticisms of those who deny the causal relationship between human behavior and global climate change.  Clinton has been and will continue to be a powerful advocate for industries in renewable energy. Julia Hamm, CEO of SEPA, expressed the shared excitement about Clinton’s participation in Solar Power International 2012: “President Clinton’s global perspective and stature are sure to motivate and inspire our exhibitors and attendees. We are honored to present the former President...

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motion-activated led Security Light by RAB

Presenting the RAB LED LFLOOD 18W with STL360, a motion-activated security light for your home or office. Ideal to complete your home security system, the RAB LStealthworks as a deterrent against crime.  This security light is perfect to protect your garage, back yard, side yard, barn, or any area that needs security lighting on a regular basis.  The RAB LStealth is also convenient to have at your front porch for those times you spend outside in the evenings. The RAB LStealth’s finish is offered in your choice of bronze or white to match style of your home or office building. One thing that sets this security sensor apart from the rest is the range of motion that it detects.  The RAB LStealth tracks movement not only in front, but in a full 180 degrees that extends sixty feet.  On top of that, the RAB LStealth’s sensor also picks up any motion underneath it in 360 degrees.  There is no sneaking past the RAB LStealth!  Upon activation of this high-powered sensor, the RAB Stealth’s LED light extends a brilliant fan of over 1600 Lumens, covering an area that would normally require two standard floodlights to produce.  This LED light comes in color temperatures of 3000k, 4000k, or 5000k to match your personal taste.  By using this LED technology, you will also be conserving energy.  This highly efficacious security light consumes only 18 Watts, helping you chip away at the cost of your monthly electric bill. To save even more energy, the RAB LStealth also comes with an evening timer mode. This allows you to set your RAB LStealth to work for a designated amount of time in the evening.  Forgotten are the days of constantly replacing incandescent lamps for your security lights.  This LED is packed with an impressive lifespan of 50,000 hours.  The RAB LStealth is sturdy and built to withstand intense weather conditions; its minimum working temperature is -40 degrees Celsius! The manufacturers of this dependable product stand behind the RAB LStealthwith a ten-year warranty. The RAB LStealthprovides exceptional performance for commercial or residential use. Where can you use the RAB LED LFLOOD 18W with STL360?...

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