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Interviewed by SolarDave

We’re working on a unique solar panel project called, Battle of the Solar Panel Brands. A solar panel competition that makes various solar panel brands compete head to head against each other to determine which solar panel will generate the most kWh (kilowatt-hours) in our local area.

A few weeks ago, our project caught the attention of SolarDave, a respectable solar blogger. SolarDave thought it would be interesting to his audience to have a conversation with me about the process of installing solar panels on his very first podcast. The purpose of SolarDave’s blog is to take people along for the ride as he is doing lots of research since hes going to install solar panels on his own home in Colorado. I feel there is a lack of information out there for people considering solar panels for their own lifestyles and SolarDave is doing a great job sharing information on his blog with written, video and audio content.

SolarDave’s podcast covers the following topics:

  • comparison test with different panels with solar production data collection.
  • Problems with the permitting process.
  • overcoming challenges of digging and trenching
  • installing Enphase micro-inverters

Make sure to check out SolarDave’s blog, download the podcast or follow him on twitter hes a great resource for information about solar energy.

Author: Deep Patel

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