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stopping solar panel theft dead in it’s tracks

Solar panel theft is a growing problem in the solar power industry. This is a problem is currently being addressed through lockable clamps that hold solar panels down to rails, although thieves can still cut through with the right tools. Lockable clamps are just one line of defense you can use to protect your investment.

Gridlock Solar Security, a start up company is taking solar panel theft deterrent to the next level by using electronic technology. The company is producing a wiring system that would be installed on your solar panels, if the solar panels were removed without authority, bright lights and sirens would go off. Also the system would send out an alert to your cell phone and even call the law enforcement. All this protection at the cost of 1% of your solar electric system.

I think this is a pretty neat solution to a problem that is quite new, people want to steal solar panels more than ever. And this is great time for companies to create solutions that are going to make the process of going solar less risky for the customer. What do you think?

Author: Deep Patel

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