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SMA Sunny Tower Inverter System

SMA is well known for residential grid tie inverters, but how about commercial solar electric systems that need larger inverter capacity? Meet the SMA Sunny Tower, offered in a 36kW or 42kW models the Sunny Tower groups 6 inverters into a single tower enabling the grid tie inverters to handle commercial scale applications.

The advantage of using a Sunny Tower in a commercial application versus one central inverter is the increased reliability since multiple SMA inverters are linked together to increase capacity. Therefore if one inverter goes down in the Sunny Tower the entire solar electric system does not fail.

The unique design of the Sunny Tower requires less installation space which is a big plus when you encounter a project site with limited space to install the inverter. SMA claims the Sunny Tower offers the lowest cost per watt for a commercial solar grid tie inverter solution. What do you think about the Sunny Tower?

Author: Deep Patel

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