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sacramento approves feed in tariff

Sacramento Municipal Utility recently approved a feed in tariff that pays people who install solar panels from 5 to 20 cents per kWh (kilowatt-hour) up to 20 years. Feed in tariffs are cash payments from the utility company for the power you contribute to the electric grid. Solar electric systems up to 5 megawatts can qualify to get paid from the Sacramento Municipal Utility. The feed in tariff is also available for home owners as long as they have not received the rebate administered by California for installing solar panels.

A feed in tariff is the same financial policy that accelerated Germany into the #1 user of solar power in the world. Feed in tariffs are gaining popularity in the USA, since the first feed in tariff policy passed in Gainesville, FL. In regions where feed in tariffs are active many small solar farms on homes and businesses are setup to create extra income for the property owner.

What do you think about feed in tariffs? Should the U.S. have a standardized feed in tariff?

Author: Deep Patel

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