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should you build your own solar panel?

This week many people have been asking me if they should “build their own solar panels”. There are quite a few eBooks and videos being sold online give you step by step instructions on how to find solar cells and turn them into solar panels in your garage. This is my two cents on if you should make your own solar panels or not.

  • it would make a fun experiment, for educational purposes
  • don’t expect too much power output in which you could power your entire house with homemade solar panels
  • they have a higher risk catching on fire than factory made solar panels
  • You typically can’t grid tie homemade solar panels because they don’t have a UL mark. Most utility companies won’t allow you to grid tie unlisted product.

If you’re looking for a fun educational weekend project that results in you making a solar panel to charge a battery then that is what should expecting purchasing a “make your own solar panel” resource. Although if your looking to generate serious power with reliable and safe solar panels I would highly recommend purchasing a high quality factory made solar panel. What do you think about the concept of making your own solar panels?

Author: Deep Patel

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