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made in USA wind turbines in demand overseas

This week The SBA (Small Business Administration) honored Soutwest Windpower, the company that manufacturers the Air Breeze and Skystream 3.7 small scale wind turbines. The SBA named Southwest Windpower as the 2009 National Exporter of the Year. We can all agree that America’s manufacturing base is being eroded by products made overseas. Although people from all over the world are demanding wind energy systems made in the USA by Southwest Windpower.

It’s great to hear about a U.S. based manfacturer doing well exporing products to other countries around the world. I can tell you by first hand experience that many people around the world are buying the Air Breeze, in fact we have customers in France and Germany who have purchased and installed the Air Breeze and are using an American made product to generate clean energy.

I’m glad to hear that the SBA is recognizing businesses that are still exporting in this competitive global environment. What do you think about the award Southwest Windpower received?

Author: Deep Patel

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