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solar panel installs on the raise as prices decrease

We’ve all been bombarded with news about doom and gloom in our economy. Although it seems like people now more than ever have a interest in installing solar panels. There has been a lot of buzz in the marketplace that solar panel installations are still increasing amongst homeowners.

I think the combination of the 30% federal tax credit, the dropping cost per watt for solar panels, and many more states across the U.S. providing incentives for solar panels is creating a new demand for solar panels even though some other parts of the economy are hurting.

The reason for the cost of solar panels being reduced is that there are many more manufacturing offering solar panels today, more than ever, that is creating downward pressure in the price of solar panels. Also due to the credit crisis, many very large solar panel farms projects are sidelined, therefore it caused an oversupply of solar panels in the market which is why we are experience record low prices for solar panels.

In times like these, its a buyers market for people looking to buy solar panels. What do you think?

Author: Deep Patel

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