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AeroCam, redefining wind energy?

BroadStar Wind Systems is developing a unique wind turbine, called the AeroCam that’s very different compared to typical horizontal axis wind turbines. Compared to traditional wind turbines the AeroCam has more surface area to produce harness the wind yet has a smaller footprint which allows the unique wind turbine to generate more power compared to traditional wind turbines according to the company. ‘

The compact design opens up opportunities for businesses and communities that typically would have never considering installing wind power, the AeroCam opens up a whole new market for wind turbines.

The company claims their unique design allows the AeroCam to produce more power at lower wind speeds with less noise, vibration and maintenance costs which means a lower cost of ownership and faster payback period. Do you think the BroadStar AeroCam is redefining wind energy?

Author: Deep Patel

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