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solar clover, simplifying solar installation

Armageddon Energy is beta testing their do it yourself “solar energy in a box” product concept. The company released pictures of their beta test through GreenTech Media today of how easy it is for more people to install what they call the “solar clover”.

The solar clover system is a pre-fabricated solar electric system packaged with mirco-inverters which takes the complex inverter stringing process of a typical installation out of the equation.

The racking for the solar clover system has unique triangle shape which can fit about 400 watts of solar clover panels. Three triangles filled with solar clovers on your roof can provide just over 1 kW (kilowatt) of solar electric capacity.

Solar Clovers are lightweight because instead of using glass that traditional solar panels use, they’re coated with Teflon developed by DuPont. Armageddon Energy decided to make their solar panels a hexagon shape since they believe the shape is stronger and more efficient than rectangular solar panels.

Even though the solar electric system installation process is supposedly simple with the Solar clover, the system still has to be secured to the roof, pointed in the right orientation, optimal pitch and connected to the grid which is not a task for everyone.

What do you think about the solar clover system? Do you think more people will be encouraged to install a solar electric systems if they can be assembled as easily as the furniture purchased at IKEA?

Author: Deep Patel

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