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philips light blossom concept

I think this cool concept by Philips, called the light blossom is a sneak peak into the future of outdoor lighting. This lamp not only looks like a giant flower but acts like one too, the ‘solar petals’ of its ‘bud’ open slowly and start to produce power from the sun and wind. As the sun shines Light Blossom’s solar petals they continuously track the sun as it moves across the sky.

When the wind blows the Light Blossom moves its petals to an upward half-open position, which allows them to catch the wind and generated clean power. The intelligent street light can be used off grid or even connected to the grid which feeds electricity back into the community.

They call it an intelligent lamp because at night the energy efficient LED bulbs only shine full power when the Light Blossom senses motion of someone walking by. When no one is around, Light Blossom glows at the minimum level required for safety in its ‘stand-by’ mode. now that’s a smart lamp! what do you think about Philips concept of the future of lighting?

Author: Deep Patel

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