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check out the skystream 3.7 video

I noticed an updated video about the Skystream 3.7, a residential wind turbine has been released and I wanted to share it with you because it does a good job of explaining how this leading grid tie wind power system interacts with your home and the electric utility that provides you service. The Skystream 3.7, since it’s a grid connected wind power system spins your electric meter backwards when the unit is generating more power than your using.

There are many misconceptions with consumers who are looking to add a wind turbine about how grid tie wind turbines actually work. When there is limited wind resources on a particular day your home or small business would be receiving electricity from your utility company. During windy days, when your wind generator is cranking out watts it would be offsetting the electricity you would normally have to purchase from the utility company. In most cases a Skystream 3.7 would offset your annual electric bill not completely eliminate your entire bill.

What do you think about the Skystream 3.7? Do you like how the wind turbine interfaces with the grid, eliminating the need for cost of batteries?

Author: Deep Patel

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