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New Sanyo HIT N series solar panel

Sanyo is a leader in highly efficient solar panels, has released their N series solar panels now with 72 solar cells that are 5 inches in size. The new Sanyo HIT N Series comes in 205W, 210w, and 215w power outputs and are made of hybrid technology which allows them to perform better in higher temperatures compared to traditional crystalline solar panels.

Even though Sanyo is a Japanese company the wafers and ingots that the Sanyo HIT N Series are composed of are made right here in the USA. Since Sanyo solar panels are high efficient that means you produce more watts per square foot. The great aspect of Sanyo solar panels is you receive a minimum guaranteed power, meaning you can be confident that your solar panel will produce at least the nameplate STC (standard test conditions) or better.

The 72 solar cell configuration has lowered voltage of each solar panel compared to previous higher voltage models, now you can string up to 10 solar panels in a string. check out the PDF below that compares a Sanyo HIT N Series solar panel versus a traditional crystalline solar panel, do you think Sanyo solar panels are worth the extra price for the premium power output you’ll receive?

Author: Deep Patel

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