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do wind turbines kill birds?

I think this rumor that wind turbines are bad because they kill birds is exaggerated. I agree there have been reports that a birds have collided with wind turbines, but on the flip side a lot more birds have died in result of flying into windows and sky scrapers, wouldn’t you agree? There was a study done for large utility scale wind turbines in which concluded wind turbines account for less than 0. 003% of all human caused bird deaths, on the other hand house cats kill around 1 billion birds each year!

Making that comparison, I suppose it puts it into perspective that wind turbines are harmless to bird populations. Why do you think so many people out there believe that wind turbines are a hazard to birds?

Author: Deep Patel

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  1. Then how do you explain the thousands of birds that are found dead on wind farms? You only see what you want to see. How can you be green and justify killing hundreds of thousands of birds every year. Solar fields are also guilty and the death toll is growing.

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