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advantages of thin film solar panels

When people think about thin film solar panels the first thing that comes to mind is the lower cost, but that’s not the only advantage of thin film solar panels. Thin film solar panels perform more efficiently than crystalline solar panels in low light or shady conditions. They weigh 10% less than traditional silicon based solar panels and can be flexible which allows them to be installed on various surfaces.

Thin film solar panels are more resilient to hail, rocks, golf balls…etc. If part of a crystalline solar panel is damaged, the whole solar panel will stop working…on the other hand a thin film solar panel will continue to operate at a lower output if a part of the solar panel is damaged. The downside of thin film solar panels is they’re less efficient than traditional crystalline solar panels, you will need more surface area to work with. Silicon based solar panels typically produce more watts per square foot. What type of solar power projects do you think thin film solar panels are a good fit for?

Author: Deep Patel

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