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3D solar photovoltaic cells

The problem with solar cells on the market today is that they are only 2D, meaning they produce the most power when they have direct sun exposure. Although scientists at Georgia Institute of Technology have developed 3D solar cells that have a surface that looks like tiny pyramids that have the ability to capture more diffused light than traditional 2D solar cells.

Not only do the 3D solar cells capture more diffused light and turn it into electricity but they are more resilient to dust build up since when water hits the solar panel it beads off the 3D structure and takes the dust with it, you can call them self cleaning solar panels. According to the simulations conducted by Georgia Institute of Technology, they claim the 3D solar cell surface can increase solar cell efficiency by up to 2%.

I think solar cells will need to become 3D to maximize energy harvest, I wonder how long this technology will take to develop before we see 3D solar panels on the market. What do you think about 3D solar cells, do you think they will make a big difference in performance gains over traditional 2D solar cells?

Author: Deep Patel

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