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the simplicity of enphase mirco-inverters

I was on enphase energy’s website reading their case studies today and was amazed by the simplicity of Sreenivas family’s 2.3kW solar electric system using enphase micro-inverters. The system is made up of 13 sharp 175w solar panels which are connected to each other via AC interconnect cables that are already part of the enphase mirco-inverter. 12/3 romex is used through the garage attic from the solar array to a 1-15 amp backfed breaker in a 100 amp main panel.

The Sreenivas family case study is a good example of how enphase makes deploying solar panels an easier process by avoiding stringing solar panels which has a direct impact on system complexity and how long it takes to install a solar electric system.

The enphase micro-inverter is more then a grid tie inverter, they’re an “inverter solution” since performance monitoring is built into the system and is the only grid tie inverter that can monitor the system down to the individual solar panel. This installation looks quite simple, don’t you agree? What do you think about solar electric systems that use micro-inverters versus a traditional centralized inverter?

Enphase Diagram of Sreenivas residence

Author: Deep Patel

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