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securify your solar panels

(Photo Credit: J. Emilio Flores for The New York Times)

With the economy nosediving we’ve been seeing an increase in solar panel theft. That’s right thieves are trolling around town eyeing the solar panels on top of your roof. There have been police reports filed claiming that thieves have climbed on top of roofs at night and under one hour have weaseled away hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of solar panels.

The majority of solar panels on roof tops do not have any security devices besides the homeowners insurance that provides protection therefore it takes very little effort for a thief to get away with some very valuable solar panels they can easily sell at a flee market.

Heliotex, a company based out of Palm Desert, CA has recently announced their solar panel security fasteners product line which stops thieves dead in their tracks by creating a lock and key bolt that only the owner can unscrew. Obviously this solution is not bullet proof, a thief has the option to use a saw to cut the security fasteners, but it’s going to make the job of stealing your solar panels much more difficult and hopefully it will deter people from stealing solar panels.

It’s about time that a company focuses on simple yet effective solutions to add value to a solar electric system. The security fasteners as simple as they are add so much value to a solar electric system and is a good example of how much room for innovation is left for solar panel systems. What do you think about security devices that help mitigate solar panel losses? Will these security fasteners be a fire code issue, since firefighters would have a difficult time removing solar panels incase of fire? please share your thoughts!

Author: Deep Patel

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