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Oncor opens the flood gates on solar rebates

Oncor, an electric company that serves Texas launched their “Take A Load Off, Texas” solar rebate program to motivate homes and businesses to embrace solar panels. Oncor’ generous rebate of $2.46 per DC watt up to a maximum of $24,600 for homes and and up to $246,000 for commercial and public projects will stimulate the local economy due to the surge of demand for solar panel installations. The program is funded with 16 million dollars and will run for four years, Oncor expects to have 1,400 solar power systems installed by the end of their solar rebate program.

Last time I posted about Oncor’s solar rebate program, a couple community members found out that Oncor does not extend the rebate to owner installed systems, the solar power systems would have to be installed by a solar contractor that is approved by Oncor. Later this year Oncor will also offer more incentives for energy efficiency, they’re on track to becoming the most aggressive electric company in Texas promoting energy efficiency and clean power. I say its about time, since Texas has above the national average electric rates and plenty of solar irradiation. What do you think about Oncor kicking off “Take A Load Off, Texas” rebate program?

Author: Deep Patel

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