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it’s unanimous! first feed in tariff in america is here

Gainesville voted unanimously to pass the first feed in tariff in America this week. A feed in tariff of 32 cents per kwh (kilowatt-hour) over a 20 year period will be given to homes and businesses who install solar power systems. policies like these will truly sitmulate the economy because it will create customer demand and provide new jobs in the area. what do you think?

feed-in tariffs are a great incentive system because it evens out the playing field, the energy you contribute from your solar panels should be bought at a premium from the utility company. Don’t you agree?

Germany, the world leader in solar power invigorated investment in solar panels by offering feed-in tariffs. Do you think this will happen in the U.S.? Will gainesville’s leadership in feed-in tariffs be contagious to other cities?

Author: Deep Patel

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