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The Photensity Solution

What if you could divide the sun’s rays into three different energy streams? Commercial buildings, which are associated with large carbon footprints and high energy bills can take advantage of BrightPhase Energy’s Photensity which is a crossbred of energy efficiency and a solar panel. The unique looking solar panel not only generates electricity but can be used for heating water and the building itself.

The most interesting feature of the solar panel is the daylighting technology, which provides natural lighting for the building that augments traditional interior lighting, thus reducing the building’s lighting load. Confused? Check out how the Phototensity works.

According to the company, combining solar energy and energy efficiency in a single solar panel provides 2X – 3X better rate of return than solutions that just produce a single energy form. A building owner can reduce up to 50% of there energy bill through an all-in-one solution like the Photensity and depending on the installed conditions may bring down the break even point to less than 4 years! We’re seeing more of these “all-in-one” solutions being developed lately, do you think all-in-one systems will play a significant role in the future?

Author: Deep Patel

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