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generate electricity from both sides

What if both sides of a solar panel could generate electricity? That’s the question Sanyo asked when they developed the Sanyo HIT Double, bifacial solar panels. These type of solar panels are unique because the back of the solar panel catches ambient light reflected off surrounding surfaces, and combines with power from the front face of the solar panel. Depending upon system design, the project site and installation, bifical solar panels from Sanyo may result up to 30% higher power generation, which means you’ll generate more kWh per square foot.

What type of applications could you benefit with a bifacial solar panel? Sanyo suggests , Awnings, Balconies, Bus Shelters, Walkway Covers, Deck & Porch Coverings, Canopies, Carports, Trellises, Fences, Facades, Siding, Trellises, Tracking Systems, BIPV, Ground Mount, Roof Mount, Skylights. What can you think of? How could you take advantage of a solar panel that could generate electricity from both sides?

Author: Deep Patel

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