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6 reasons your electrical consumption changes

Your electrical consumption changes, this post will help you figure out why. Understanding the factors that cause your electric usage to increase or decrease will help you set more achievable clean energy generation and energy efficiency goals. The following 6 reasons are related to changes in your electrical consumption:

  1. Seasons change obviously, in the summer the air conditioner bumps up your electric usage compared to the rest of the year.
  2. depending on your home, people may move in or out.
  3. As your appliances get older they become less energy efficient.
  4. You will get rid of some appliances over time.
  5. You forget to turn things off.
  6. You buy new stuff that adds to your electrical loads.

Can anyone else think of a reason your electric consumption increases or decreases?

Author: Deep Patel

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  1. Your system seems like just what I need and cheaper than purchasing a complete system I want to build a system that can power my Deep Well, But it cannot be too close to the well (not sunny enough). Will be building a new well house with the power area there. But it will be a fair distance away. So there are a number of challenges. Have been trying to find your Site.

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    • Hello, We’d highly suggest putting the solar array on the roof of the new building, or build a ground mount. How many HP is the pump? Does it run AC or DC? How many volts and amps is the pump motor? If you have further questions, comments or concerns don’t hesitate to call us at (866)798-4435 or visit! Make it a great & sunny day. 🙂

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