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Fronius IG Plus hits the Street

Fronius is a leading manufacturer of grid tie inverters for solar electric systems. We highlighted their new product line called the IG plus at Solar Power International 2008 last month. The company has been educating installers and retailers about their new product line and will slowly phase away the first generation Fronius IG grid tie inverter. The IG Plus has the following features that reduce and simplify the installation of their product line:

  • integrated DC disconnect
  • Power unit can be disconnected from the connection compartment, which makes it a snap to service the unit.
  • 96% efficiency rating
  • compatible with more solar panels including thin film solar panels.

The new IG grid tie inverter was supposed to hit the market in mid 2007, although the company finally showcased it at Solar Power International 2008, and now we are finally seeing it offered to customers in the field. Fronius took customer feedback from their first generation grid tie inverter to develop their IG Plus product line, which is why it has all the cool features mentioned in this post. If you’re considering a solar power system today, Fronius IG plus is the newest cutting edge inverter technology offered by a leading manufacturer that has a impeccable track record in the industry of producing reliable inverters.

Author: Deep Patel

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