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Solyndra’s 360 degree commerical rooftop solar panels

Solyndra has introduced an innovative solar panel system for the commercial rooftop market. Traditional, solar panels are flat and can harvest energy at an angle, although Solydra has taken bold approach to introduce a cylindrical solar panel that collects energy from multiple angles, thus producing more watts per square foot than traditional flat solar panels!

Solyndra’s panels employ cylindrical solar cells which capture sunlight across a 360-degree photovoltaic surface capable of converting direct, diffuse and reflected sunlight into electricity. Solyndra’s panels perform optimally when mounted horizontally and packed closely together, thereby covering significantly more of the typically available roof area and producing more electricity per rooftop on an annual basis than a conventional panel installation. The result is significantly more solar electricity per rooftop per year.

According to the company the benefits to the solar power system owner include a lower upfront cost and faster return on investment due the fast and easy installation that does not require any roof penetrations or ballasting due to the mounting and design of the panel. Solyndra’s system enables its customers to realize significant savings on installation costs.

Because wind blows through Solyndra’s panels and horizontal mounting is optimum, simple, non-penetrating mounting hardware is used in the Solyndra system. No roof penetrations, attachments or ballast are needed. Panels and mounts are quickly attached together, enabling installations to be done in one third of the time of conventional PV installations.

The solar panels in this system literally install like snapping together Legos, the innovation in the design of the panel has not only allowed each panel to harvest more energy, but provided an installation framework to also reduce costs. This is where this produce shines, because it reduces installation costs and improves efficiencies at the same giving the customer the most bang for the buck. This product is currently being sold through select retailers who are field testing the panels ,in 2009 full distribution is expected to open up. What do you think?

Author: Deep Patel

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  1. I think it sounds great! Any idea when in 2009 this will be available and how much less expensive? I live in Tucson, AZ and wonder where it is being tested?

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  2. ZenDude,

    thanks for the comment. According to the website,this company is in “stealth mode” right now, and they claim they have 10 active installations in N. America and Europe, not many details where in particular. I too would like to see a financial analysis of a comparison between their system versus a traditional flat collector. I will follow up with the company and see if I can weasel more information out of them. stay tuned!

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