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Enjoy power while your neighbors sit in the dark.

This year in the USA, there have been countless natural disasters that have had many Americas sitting in the dark for weeks without access to the energy resources we don’t even appreciate everyday, until they are gone. From the flooding in the Midwest to the hurricanes in Florida and Texas many people that had gas generators thought they would be safe but found themselves paying ridiculous prices at the pump or found it hard to fill up their gas tanks due to the availability of gas during a natural disaster.

A solar powered generator can provide reliable electricity for emergencies without the need to refuel. A solar powered generator can recharge itself through the sunlight and can be a tremendous source of electricity for your most critical loads when you most need it. Many customers just don’t like the fumes that traditional gas generators and rather switch to a clean solar powered backup generator to just avoid noxious fumes. Based on customer feedback, we have created a new kit to help people get started with a solar power generator. Our 80W Solar Electric Backup Generator Kit is affordable, easy to setup and includes a high quality battery, inverter, Sharp Solar Panel and charge controller to keep your home or business going through a blackout.

Obviously this generator does not have the capacity to power your air conditioner or your entire home for long but its great to keep the lights on, have access to a computer and a cold refrigerator when the electric gird is gone. During an extended blackout, its best to conserve energy and make temporary lifestyle changes until the power is restored. The solar powered backup generator will keep you prepared for the worst case scenarios and being prepared will pay off when your home is the only one on the block that has it’s lights on.

Author: Deep Patel

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