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Top 7 Myths of Solar Electricity

The US Department of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy released an interesting article on the common myths of solar electricity (photovoltaics). Solar Power has been around for decades, although people still believe its an inferior technology which is not even close to true. The myths most consumers have are mind are the following:

Myth #1 – Solar Electricity cannot serve the needs of the US or the world.

Myth #2 – Today, Solar Electricity can do everything for everyone.

Myth #3 – Solar Energy cannot offset greenhouse gases

Myth #4 – Manufacturing Solar Panels creates pollution

Myth #5 – Solar Electricity is merely a hobby and only appealing to small niche markets.

Myth #6 – A solar power system is just too expensive, you can’t get much energy out of a system.

Myth #7 – Solar Panels and system equipment is as good as it can get, there is no need for additional research and development.

Why do you think people have these myths in mind when they think about solar power?

Author: Deep Patel

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  1. Articles like these would be helpful if they cited references that refute each myth, instead of just assuming that the reader knows why they are true (or false).

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  2. Droog,

    thanks for the comment, I agree with you, I should have explained each myth in more detail

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