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String Inputs on Your Grid Tie Inverter

The number of string inputs is the total pairs of solar photovoltaic (pv) panel positive and negative input terminal lugs provided by the inverter manufacturer. The maximum number of solar photovoltaic panels source circuits that can be connected to an inverter without wiring in a parallel connection is determined by the number of input strings.

The larger inverter you have, the more terminals will be provided inside the inverter to connect solar pv panels onto, thus being able to hook up more solar pv panels per inverter. Sometimes it’s better or needed with a installation to string in parallel because of the type of equipment being used and the individual circumstances of the project, combiner boxes are used in these type of cases.

We recommend people buy complete grid tied solar power kits because it takes the headache out of making sure the inverters and number of solar panels will be compatible.

Author: Deep Patel

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