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Prepaid electric bill for life.

When you install a grid tied solar panel system or wind turbine your prepaying your electric bill, it is that simple although many consumers when shopping for a clean energy systems are shocked by the cost up front cost. This the the fist time in history people now have the chance to buy technology to produce their own electricity! People can finally become producers and not just consumers at the mercy of big energy.

Since we have been used to paying electric bills on a monthly basis, most customers don’t realize how expensive electricity is over a long period of time when they see the cost of buying solar power to energize their home. I noticed when consumers buy a clean energy system, all of a sudden they start thinking about energy efficiency although when just paying month to month for electricity from the utility company customers are more wasteful. It seems like when customers become their own producers, they start to appreciate the long term value of electricity. Why do you think people who buy their own clean energy system become more cautious of their electric usage after they install a system?

Author: Deep Patel

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