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ASES National Solar Tour 2008

The ASES National Solar Tour is the largest grassroots solar energy event in history. The only event in which you can tour homes and buildings to see how your neighbors are using solar energy to reduce their monthly utility bills.

On October 4 th, early adopters of solar energy systems will open their doors to the public, so people can get a first hand experience of how solar energy works and how practical it is to use in our daily lives. In my experience, consumers have many myths about solar energy in their minds and when they get a chance to talk to the home and business owners who have already took the risk of installing solar panels, they get a chance to witness first hand the success stories, which coverts many people into customers of solar energy systems.

This is one of the best FREE solar power events I’ve ever been to, I went last year and was amazed of the passionate, friendly hosts who not only power their homes but charge their electric vehicles from the power of the sun! These are clean energy leaders willing to open their homes and businesses to strangers to raise awareness of solar energy.

I’ll be at a couple of the tour locations in Los Angeles and Orange County, so please if you are going to attend, give us a shout! Checkout the list of locations across the nation. We hope you can join in a tour in your local area.

Author: Deep Patel

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