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The world’s most efficent central inverter

SMA, according to a press release featured on has released information on their 250U central inverter for commercial scale projects. SMA is a leading inverter manufacturer, if you don’t know what an inverter does, it converts the DC electricity put out by solar panels into AC electricity which is what all our appliaces use.

An inverter is a very important component of the overall system design, therefore a consumer must look into the efficency rate of the inverter when shopping for solar power. There are electric losses when DC electricity is converted to AC, therefore the higher the efficency on the inverter, the fast payback a customer will recieve on the system.

The SMA 250U commerical inverter is the leading the industry in terms of efficency, which is CEC (california energy comission) rated at 97%! This inverter is UL listed and has an array of features that fit commerical solar power shoppers.

Author: Deep Patel

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