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Sharp OnEnergy Solar Power Systems

The Sharp OnEnergy Solar Power system makes installing solar panels on a home easy to order and install. Sharp Solar has also incorporated great looking aesthetics, because of the strong customer feedback within the solar panel industry to make solar panels look better for residential roof tops. The Sharp OnEnergy complete solar power systems come with everything you need right down to the last screw. The solar power kit from Sharp has a UL Listed grounding which lowers your installation time dramatically.

The Sharp OnEnergy system can also be used for light commercial applications and focuses on the ease of installation by using a shared rail system that requires 30% less rails than traditional solar power systems. The racking system included in the OnEnergy system is compatible with all types of roofs and no parts of the mounting structure are are visible on the roof.

The great aspect of these system is the detailed installation manual that Sharp put together to make the installation process easy to understand and deploy for installers and do-it-yourselfers alike. The installation manual that is included with the sharp OnEnergy systems is one of the best documents I have seen that has been included with a complete Grid Tie Solar Power System. As solar power becomes more mainstream we are seeing standardized and easier to deploy systems that is really pushing solar on every roof across the USA in our foreseeable

Author: Deep Patel

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