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Top 10 Solar Power Friendly Utilities

For the first time ever, Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) has released a report highlighting the top 10 most solar power friendly utility companies. There were different sets of rankings including which utility company has built large scale power plants using solar energy to provide electricity to its customers, although what is more interesting in the report is the top 10 utility companies that have the most customer installed solar power systems, which are typically homes and businesses using solar power on their own building and exporting the extra power back into the grid for a credit from the utility company. According to the report, The 10 ten most friendly utility companies that you can easily plug your own solar power system into the grid are:

  1. Pacific Gas & Electric Company (CA)
  2. Kauai Island Utility Cooperative (HI)
  3. City of Palo Alto Utilities (CA)
  4. San Diego Gas Diego Gas & Electric Company (CA)
  5. Southern California Edison (CA)
  6. City of Roseville Electric (CA)
  7. Maui Electric Company (HI)
  8. Burbank Water and Power (CA)
  9. City of Ukiah (CA)
  10. Los Angeles Department of Water & Power (CA)

If your utility company is one of the top 10, then you will have an easier time working with the utility then a typical person would be because the utilities mentioned above have more experience in dealing with customer’s grid connected solar power systems. Who’s your utility? Have you had a good experience working with your utility when installing a solar power system?

Author: Deep Patel

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