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Sundown at Intersolar US

Today was the last day of Intersolar US in San Francisco. A very successful show here in the USA, there was a high demand for renewable energy in the US and the conference proved it by attracting over 12,000 visitors and 2oo exhibitors.

Intersolar has been going on in Europe for many years, this was the first year the conference organizers brought the show to the US, and I have a strong feeling that they’ll be back in the USA next year. Let’s dive into some interesting products we saw to conclude the coverage of Intersolar US.

Solar Panels are getting larger and producing more output, the picture above shows a 250watt solar panel! That is one monster solar panel. It seems like in the near future with increases in output and solar panel size consumers could be using less solar panels in certain installations.

Thin film solar glass is an interesting yet expensive concept not ready for the residential market although its interesting to see the development of windows that can produce electricity. As this technology evolves consumers should expect to see more efficient better looking solar power windows that we’ll even see at the residential level.

We’re seeing more combination solar panels being presented at solar power conferences, the last one we saw were at Solar 2008 in San Diego made by an American company. The Combination Panel (made by a German company) shown below heat water and produce electricity using the same panel.

Traditionally, solar electric and solar hot water were two different systems…this product is unique because it turns two different systems and combines them into one panel that could save customers surface area and money, while reducing both electric bills and natural gas bills for water heating. Killing two birds with one stone.

Even though Intersolar was geared more toward the utility scale projects, we still had a chance to interact with other solar power professionals and meet interesting people from all over the world who are working on interesting products that help the industry move forward in the residential and small business market.

Author: Deep Patel

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