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Remember, Solar Panels can scale up

Many consumers call me and say, I need a 6kW (kilowatt) system to eliminate my entire electric bill but can’t afford the high upfront investment to acquire a 6kW solar panel system today. Most shoppers are frustrated of the high upfront investment. Is this customer out of options? There is a common misconception that consumers have to buy up all their solar capacity up front.

Many consumers don’t realize that they can buy a 1kW of solar panels at a time until they reach their goal of eliminating their bill. If you oversize the inverter when you first purchase the system, then you can keep adding panels to the inverter without maxing it out. For example, lets say you need a 6kW system, but can only afford a 1kw system today. Well you can start your system by buying 1kW worth of solar panels and a 6000watt inverter. The oversized inverter in this case will allow for 5 more kW of solar panel expansion in the near future.

By starting small and working your way up to your end goals is a realistic way to slowly becoming energy independent. Everytime you put up a 1kW of solar panels you will be reducing your need for the grid and eventually over the years you will have reached your energy goals by reducing and producing more energy then you need. So if you can buy the whole system up front, you do got options, take in small bites and in the long run you will benefit.

Author: Deep Patel

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