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How well is your solar panel system performing?

Lucky you, you got your solar panel system up and running. now what? how do you make sure over the years your system is producing the most electricity it can. Is there a benchmark, how do you measure the performance of your system? a free online PV (photovoltaics) performance benchmark has created a solution to help you test the performance of your system by using their online benchmark calculator. The benchmark calculator is easy to use, just plug in your variables and compare the results with the output on your system’s inverter.
Steven Yang, one of wattminder’s project leaders has hit a very important need. As more systems go up around the world an accurate installation benchmark needs to be in place so consumers can compare installations and a bar can be set. This is a great tool if you install your own solar power system and want to compare your installation with professional installs, with wattminder at least you know how well your install compared to others. Users can also contribute to the database so benchmark is fueled by user submitted data. The benchmarking calculator uses the Sandia National Laboratory model to process the results. The calculator can be customizable to your needs, once you create and account you can add your system setup and save your system specs for future benchmarking.

Author: Deep Patel

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