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Senator favors big oil over renewable energy

The root problem of our energy problems are due to Senators who we have elected to represent the people, who turn against the people and represent special interests. A great example of a Senator who has his head shoved up his you know what is Nevada’s Republican senator John Ensign.

John has launched an opposition against the solar energy lobbyist who are trying to get the renewable energy tax credit, which is set to expire at the end of this year extended. The Senator has an extremely bad voting record towards extending the federal tax credits for people who buy renewable energy for their home or business.

The loss of this tax credit can cause the whole industry to collapse, put billions of dollars of investment at risk and put hundreds of thousands of people in the solar and wind industry out of a job in 2009.

The Senator is against the tax credits for renewable energy because he said it would take away tax breaks from the oil & gas industry. Does this guy not realize that Nevada has more free energy falling from the sky everyday compared to anywhere else in the world? Why do we continue to elect such ignorant people into our government? Obviously, we have an energy problem, the rest of the world knows it but why is Senator Ensign so against solar panels and wind power?

The bottom line is he supports big business, centralized power and high gas prices. Someone should let this guy know that if we could fully capture one hours worth of sunlight, we can power the entire world for a year. The sun has that much untapped power, here we’re drilling for a solution to our energy problems when the solution is obvious, look up its in the sky.

Please contact senator john ensign and tell him what you think!!! We need the message to go through to the people who put roadblocks in front of renewable energy.

Author: Deep Patel

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