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Say hello to Mirco-Inverters

Buzz going around solar town is there is a new “micro-inverter” on the street made by Enphase. Cool! Before I even go into what an micro-inverter” is lets start off with the basics.

An inverter in general coverts the DC (direct current) power produced by solar panels into AC power (alternating current). Basically, AC power is what most of our appliances run on. So, the inverter plays a critical in your solar power system.

Traditionally, solar power systems have a series of solar panels connected to an inverter. So if an inverter goes down, that whole series goes down with it.

So how is a micro-inverter different? The major difference is instead of having a series of panels connected to one inverter, a mirco-inverter connects to each panel. It means, your system performance will greatly increase because:

  • maximizes the harvesting capabilites of each solar panel in the array.
  • increases the reliability of the solar power system.
  • simplifies the installation process.
  • solar panels performs better in shady conditions, and is resiliant to dirt and bird poop.

Awesome innvotation continues in renewable energy industry, people are really thinking of some out of the box soltuions to problems down to the installtion level. The solar power industry is heading to mass adoption like a bullet train.

Author: Deep Patel

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  1. evolving jerk,

    Solar Hot Water systems do not use inverters. Yes, typically inverters have a string of solar panels attached to them and if that inverter goes down then the whole string of panels that are attached to that inverter also go down.

    This is the great aspect of the mirco-inverters because they isolate the inverter to each solar panel.

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