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Kilowatt hour (kWh), huh? It’s on your electric bill.

When purchasing a grid connected solar or wind power systems its important to start by looking at your electric bill to see how many kilowatt hours you consume each month. After you figure out how many kilowatt hours you are using per month, figure out how many kilowatt hours a solar panel or wind power system produce to determine out how much energy you can offset.

Many people who are considering a clean energy system, never even consider looking at their electric bill to analyze their usage. It all starts from how much you are using and what rate your paying per kwh to estimate if solar or wind power is right for you.

Below I have included a sample electric bill to help you locate how many kilowatt hours you use. Feel free to post your usage here, we can brainstorm ways we can reduce your kilowatt hour usage even without a clean energy system.

Author: Deep Patel

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  1. Bravo for an excellent post. I’ve had your Blogs RSS feed in my reader for a couple of days and this is the second good one. I’m the Biz Dev guy at a solar power start up and one of the things we’ve talked about internally is that people even considering solar should start with efficiency. People are astonished at how much power you can save when you start to pay attention. Ironically, people actually get the solar installation first, then seem to become hyper aware of the power they’re using and focus on efficiency second. Anyway, kudos, we’re launching our company blog soon and we’ll be linking to this post for sure.

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  2. Hi Morgan,

    thanks for the comment. Many “other” solar companies don’t want to help their customers become more energy efficient because that means they sell them less solar / wind capacity. That is why we here at stick to the “reduce and produce strategy.”

    does your company have a website? I’d like to know more about it. Please feel free to post a link here!

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