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Energy efficiency is a key problem to our energy problems.

Last month I was a the KCOMM Clean Energy event and a presenter showed us a chart that really resonated with me. In particular it how much energy that is generated is turned into useful energy. The results are amazing, since the graphic shows that 56.2% of the energy we generate is lost, we only consume 35.2% of the energy we produce. Why are we so wasteful when it comes to energy in the USA? Resources were plentiful in the USA once upon a time, now developing countries begin to turn into developed countries there is a power play for energy resources, we have a huge problem.

By analyzing our poor efficiency here in the US. Everyone needs to learn how to become for energy efficient in their own daily lives. Even if you can’t shell out the money for a solar power system today, you can start by making energy efficient changes to your lifestyle. We here at promote, “reduce and then produce” strategy to help you maximize on your solar panels or wind power systems.

Author: Deep Patel

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