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The Myth of the Zero Electric Bill

Every consumer who is thinking about solar power always dreams of the day they won’t receive an electric bill from their utility. Once the typical consumer finds out the cost of a solar power system that eliminates their entire bill, they face what we in the industry call, “sticker shock”

Well, there are a certain class of consumers in which money isn’t really a problem for, if they have the surface space there is a potential for solar power to supply their entire electrical usage. Even if you have all the money in the world and buy a system that produces more that what you use, if you are grid connected you will always receive an electric bill from your utility company. Your utility charges you a monthly fee just to have their outdated meter calculating your usage and what you send back into the gird. The typical meter access fee is around a month, but the fee depends on your utility company.

So if your thinking about a grid connected solar power system, but and your assuming you’ll never see an electric bill, think again.

Author: Deep Patel

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