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Brace yourself for raising energy costs!

So you think what you’re paying at the gas pump is expensive? Oil is booming at its all time high and more Americans are concerned with their cost at the gas pump, but pain doesn’t stop there. Energy has been increasing 6% a year, and since oil is at its all time high, people please brace yourself for more expensive electric, natural gas and heating oil bills.

The pain will continue as you see your monthly electric bill go out of control. If you think of your energy expenses holistically (electric bill, natural gas, and gas at the pump) energy as a portfolio of expenses will start eating up your monthly budget.

There are alternatives! Now is the perfect time to hedge yourself from raising energy costs. Solar panels and wind power are perfect ways to reduce your energy bills and get you a step further to becoming more energy independent while helping the environment.

Author: Deep Patel

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