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Don’t Expect $1/watt solar power for your home anytime soon.

There has been so much buzz in the market about Nanosolar’s /Watt that I decided to touch up on this subject. I have actually spoken to residential consumers who have read the press about Nanosolar goal to deliver solar modules at /Watt (which is competitive to coal). When people ask me what I think about Nanosolar, I feel they are a great company, with a strong management team, and will be able to deliver on their promises, but everyone will not benefit from Nanosolar’s technology, especially homeowners.

Nanosolar maybe able to offer very cheap thin film to the market but the only ones who will be able to benefit from the solar panels will be commercial enterprises who have A LOT of surface area to make up for the low efficiency put out by the Nanosolar panels. Residential home owners will not benefit from this because they just don’t have the roof space for Nanosolar’s solar panels to produce the energy they need. A residential home owner needs to shop for high efficiency solar panels that will produce the MOST energy per square feet versus the cheapest solution.

Lower Cost per Watt = Lower Efficiency = More surface are you need.

If you’re a homeowner, don’t dream about buying Nanosolar $1/Watt solar panels at Wal-Mart and hope to eliminate your entire bill, because it’s just not realistic.

Author: Deep Patel

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